Our mission at SPILEn

At SPILEn, we have at heart to propose solutions that allow to save time and efficiency in software development cycles.
As developers ourselves, we are well aware of the time wasted due to misunderstandings between the two planets: the CLIENT planet and the DEVELOPER planet. Fortunately, to make the link between these two worlds, we have the satellite PROJECT MANAGER who moves from one to the other, with his own sensitivities.
The mission of SPILEn is to make this ecosystem communicate while removing the sources of misunderstanding in order to add efficiency in software development.

At SPILEn, we believe that quality (in the primary sense, not in the normative sense) can be implemented simply at each development stage. Checking in an iterative way the conformity of your product to your customers' requirements is simple and now possible with the SPILEn Inspecto solution.

1 researcher, 4 developers: an organized gang at the service of customer requirements.

Florian Galinier

Chief Executive Officer

Ph.D. in Computer Science.
5 years of R&D at IRIT, > 15 publications
He is an expert in requirements engineering and model-driven engineering.
He is the researcher of the crew.

Clément Simon

Chief Operating Officer

Developer and project manager in ESN.
He has experienced first hand the problems of communication and interpretation with clients. He is determined to solve these problems.
He is the conductor of the crew.

Manuel Chataigner

Chief Technichal Officer

Research engineer and developer in international ESN.
He became an expert in code quality control due to communication problems related to language barriers.
He's the Mister Quality of the crew.

Jimmy Lopez

Chief Research Officer

Research engineer in a biology laboratory.
He is in charge of generating tests in several programming languages.
He is the polyglot of the crew: he masters many different programming languages.