Inspecto code

Develop reliable software that meets technical specifications

Inspecto code is an automatic test generation software:

Automatic writing of test scripts (C++, Java, Python, PHP)

Performing tests at each stage of the development cycle

Highlighting of programming errors in relation to customer requests

Inspecto code, the time-saving solution for developers

    Be guaranteed to develop what the customer really needs.
    Don't waste time writing numerous tests manually.
    Generate the set of required test cases.
    Don't develop any more unnecessary features.

Inspecto code, the solution that fits into an agile development process

Agile Cycle
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Analysis of requests based on the functional specifications / user requirements provided by the client

The project manager writes user requirements formulated in natural textual language in the Inspecto need environment.

The project manager writes software requirements using a dedicated language that can be understood by the project stakeholders.

Inspecto need detects in a few seconds ambiguities or inconsistencies that could lead to unforeseen problems in development.

The project manager corrects ambiguities with the client.

Iterations until Inspecto need validates the terms without ambiguity.

Agile Cycle
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Designing and writing functional tests

The developer selects the features to be tested.

Inspecto code automatically generates the appropriate tests.

From the specifications, Inspecto code knows exactly which cases to test and generates the relevant test scenarios.

Agile Cycle


The developer develops the expected features in his development environment without changing his habits.

Agile Cycle
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Code verification through validation tests

In a single click, the developer launches the tests on Inspecto code.

Inspecto code verifies that the features developed are those specified in the specifications.


+ Validation, continuation of the development of the features


Inspecto code tells the developer where the errors are. New iteration.

Agile Cycle

Simple integration into your usual development chain

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  • Install Inspecto code on your machine
  • Get the requirements expressed within Inspecto need
  • Connect to your usual tools: GitHub, GitLab, Jira...
  • Generate your tests in the language of your project: C++, Java, Python, PHP...
Inspecto code logo The Inspecto code Offer
(requires Inspecto need)
Acceptance and validation test generator
Unlimited projects
Acceptance and validation test generation
Identification of test cases required and essential for validation
Collaborative (connection to Inspecto need)
Project tracking
Effortless traceability between requirements and code
Monthly fee: 120€ / month / user
Annual fee: 1200€ / year / user
or 2 months free