Reduce delays
in your software development projects!

Eliminate unexpected
development overheads

Respect the delivery time

Facilitate communication
between all stakeholders

Increase your customers'

Quality control tools for software development
dedicated to product owners and developers

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Errors can occur at any stage of software development.

SPILEn Inspecto is a software solution that ensures that the developments carried out are in accordance with your customers' requests.

You avoid exceeding budgeted deadlines

You eliminate conflicts between client and contractor

Inspecto need and Inspecto code support you
from requirements to acceptance

SPILEn Inspecto is an intelligent assistant that ensures the quality and compliance of software with customer requirements from the translation of needs into specifications, to the completion of technical tests.

Inspecto need

for project managers and product owners

Instant verification of the compliance of the specifications with the customers' requests.

Project managers and product owners secure the start of projects by eliminating human interpretation errors when writing specifications.

Inspecto code

for developers

Continuous verification of program compliance with specifications.

Developers can detect and correct programming errors very early in the development cycle.

Resulting from 5 years of R&D in requirements engineering at IRIT, SPILEn Inspecto has invented a new requirements writing language understandable by all project stakeholders
SPILEn Inspecto automatically translates user requests into software specifications. Its algorithms based on model engineering allow it to analyze relevant information very quickly. 

Simple integration into your usual development chain

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  • Connection to your usual development tools: GitHub, GitLab, Jira...
  • SaaS access for writing and tracking customer requirements by project managers.
  • Desktop installation for test generation by developers.
  • Easy import into Inspecto code from Inspecto need.

The SPILEn Inspecto Offer

Inspecto need logo Inspecto need
Manager and help in writing specifications
Unlimited projects
Guided requirements writing
Identification of potentially problematic requirements
Project tracking (GitHub/GitLab/Jira)
Requirements traceability
Collaborative writing 30€ / month (optional)
Monthly fee: 320€ / month / user
Annual fee: 3200€ / year / user
or 2 months free
Inspecto code logo Inspecto code
(requires Inspecto need)
Acceptance and validation test generator
Unlimited projects
Acceptance and validation test generation
Identification of test cases required and essential for validation
Collaborative (connection to Inspecto need)
Project tracking
Effortless traceability between requirements and code
Monthly fee: 120€ / month / user
Annual fee: 1200€ / year / user
or 2 months free

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