Frequently Asked Question

What is SPILEn Inspecto?

Contrary to a BDD approach used in Cucumber, we have a more abstract position because we focus on requirements. We could call our approach RDD (Requirement Driven Development). To make the link with the Gherkin files, we can currently open them in our application but no analysis is performed on them. By transforming them into a SPILEn Inspecto requirements file, you can generate the associated tests.

How to get SPILEn Inspecto?

You just have to register your company on the site thanks to the form on the Registration page. You will then have access to your personal space and we will contact you soon to allow you to have one or more licenses.

The manager account is the account of the person managing all the licenses of his team, of the company. He can activate or deactivate the users' licenses.

A license malfunction can be caused by several factors. First of all, if you are in this case, contact your manager to verify that your license is activated. If not, refer to the tab I can't connect to SPILEn Inspecto

There are several reasons why you may not be able to connect to SPILEn Inspecto.

  • Error in email/password combination : You no longer know your password or you don't have an account yet, contact your manager to give you access to a license or contact us.
  • No License Activated: Your license is deactivated. Contact your manager to have your license reactivated or contact us.
  • Logged in from multiple locations: If you are logged in from another device at the same time, it means someone else is using your account. However, it is not allowed to share the same license between multiple people. In this case, if the problem persists, contact your system administrator or manager, or contact us.
  • A problem appeared on our side: It is possible that a problem suddenly appeared on our side. In this case, go to our website or our networks for more information.

How to use SPILEn Inspecto?

Here we present the main features of SPILEn Inspecto. When you purchase a subscription, you will also have access to an online training. Additional and more advanced training is possible if you wish.

From the Menu > File > New Project New Project Then enter the name of your project and its save folder. Project Name

Creating a new file from scratch

Once the project is created, right-click on the requirements folder, then Add new file. Add new file Then select the Requirement document file type to use our language. File types

Import existing tickets from github or gitlab

Once your project is created, from the Menu > File > Import from Git, with the following data:
  • Project from: Github
  • Path for saving file: *no change (the folder should be the project requirements folder)*
  • Project URL:
  • Token: *leave blank*
  • Label: *leave blank*
Import from GitHub/GitLab

The language used for our requirements is described in this tutorial: tutorial will come soon. You can also graphically view your requirements using the Graph tab, once your requirements file is open. This way, you will be able to observe in green the minimum set of requirements that need to be satisfied to make your tests work. Requirements Graph

To generate your tests, you must click on the Process Project button in the toolbar. Your files will be generated in the tests subfolder. Generated tests folder To avoid loss due to mishandling, we recommend moving these files to another folder, if you come to modify them. This will avoid overwriting them during the next generation.

There are several possible generation languages, available in the Settings of the SPILEn Inspecto application. Generation languages

You need to integrate the generated tests into your developments. Compile these tests with your application and then link the generated executable to SPILEn Inspecto using the Browse button on the toolbar. Button to link executable

You can now run your tests, with the Run tests button in the toolbar, and observe your results in the console at the bottom of the window, possibly under different views.

Results with Code ViewCode View Results with analysis viewAnalysis view

Some parameters of the application such as the generation language or the font size can be modified in the Settings of SPILEn Inspecto, accessible via Menu > File > Settings.

Access to options Options