We offer solutions to improve the work of your developers

The creation of software, in line with the customer's expectations, is a complex task. We put our experience at your service to make the validation and verification of your software easier, allowing you to save development time and increase your margins, without sacrificing quality.


Reducing development costs

Our solutions aim to improve your software production cycles to reduce your developments costs. By improving your productivity, you can increase your margins.

From Research to Industry

We base our tools on innovative research to bring the latest advances in software engineering to the industry.

Never compromise on quality

All of our tools and practices never compromise on quality: we know that you are committed to producing quality software that meets the high expectations of your customers.

TRICo example

TRICo - A Solution for Requirements

1Formalize your requirements
The TRICo software allows you to write requirements in a formalized way, using a syntax semantically defined, avoiding ambiguities. Your teams will no longer waste time developing badly defined - or worse: useless - features.
By generating tests linked with specifications, developers can easily understand what the customer expect. Moreover, your teams can check whether their implementation is in line with your customers' expectations.
With semantically defined requirements, you ensure that there is no misunderstandings with your customers, allowing you to focus on core development tasks, allowing you to spend less time per project.
We acompany you by offering training included with any purchase of TRICo, and we offer 7/7 support so you never get stuck.

From 152 €/month


Other services



We share our expertise with your teams in order to improve the way you operate. We offer you training in:

    Requirements management
    Formal requirements
    Model-Driven Engineering
    Language expertise (C++/Qt)


You have a project and you need our team to work on? We can put our expertise at your service to enable the development of a high-quality project, while reducing costs.

    High standard of code quality
    We target your requirements precisely
    As a subcontractor or as a reinforcement of your existing teams

Language migration

Using our tools and the last innovation in Model-Driven Engineering, we can help you migrate a project to another language.

    Automatic translation for segment of code
    Expertise in several languages
    New software as close as possible to the old one

Our Team

Coming from both industry and research, we have all noticed that bad practices in development processes (and in particular, in requirements management), increase development costs. So we decided to found SPILEn to propose innovative solutions to software engineering common issues, in the continuity of Florian Galinier's research work.

Florian Galinier


Clément Simon


Manuel Chataigner


Jimmy Lopez



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