TRICo - A Solution for Requirements

TRICo example
1Formalize your requirements
The TRICo software allows you to write requirements in a formalized way, using a syntax semantically defined, avoiding ambiguities. Your teams will no longer waste time developing badly defined - or worse: useless - features.
By generating tests linked with specifications, developers can easily understand what the customer expect. Moreover, your teams can check whether their implementation is in line with your customers' expectations.
With semantically defined requirements, you ensure that there is no misunderstandings with your customers, allowing you to focus on core development tasks, allowing you to spend less time per project.
We acompany you by offering training included with any purchase of TRICo, and we offer 7/7 support so you never get stuck.


To acquire TRICo, sign up. You will get a default license, then we will contact you to give you your accesses.

Pack Price monthly
(per license)
Price with annual commitment
(per license)
License per unit 199 € 179 €
Pack 5 licenses 189 € 170 €
Pack 10 licenses 179 € 161 €
Pack 20 licenses 169 € 152 €


In an effort to make it easier to get started with TRICo, here are some tutorials and explanations.

  • How to write requirements? (Coming soon)
  • How to generate your tests? (Coming soon)
  • How to run your tests? (Coming soon)
  • Prerequisites

    None at this time!